Socialization of the ePuskesmas NG Application at the East Jakarta Health Facility
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South Jakarta, 31 July 2019, PT Infokes Indonesia was again present at the Mampang Prapatan District Health Center, represented by Muhamad Tourqi Sulaeman Fauzi (Business Development) and Apris Sundiana (Field Technical Officer). This agenda is a request from the puskesmas to PT Infokes Indonesia to conduct socialization activities and ePuskesmas NG training. The NG ePuskesmas activities and socialization are carried out on the basis of the transfer of the Old ePuskesmas application system to the NG ePuseksmas Application.

Photo: Socialization of ePuseksmas NG Puseksmas Easy to Cross

The socialization and training activities were carried out into two sessions, morning session and afternoon session. For the morning session the socialization activity was held for all district health center staff and the afternoon session was continued for the village health center staff. This training explains the general description and features in the application. This socialization and training was carried out so that staff could understand how to implement the NG ePuskesmas application. With the ePuskesmas NG application, it is also expected that officers will be able to serve patients more optimally and answer all problems in the puskesmas.

Photo: ePuskesmas Training NG Healthcare Facility

The results of this training also Mampang Prapatan Health Center wants to immediately migrate from the old ePuskesmas to the NG ePuskesmas. As for some input from users related to the application will be noted and become an evaluation material with the team.

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