Presentation of epuskesmas Ng application for Tegal City Health Service at Smart City Telkom Living Lab
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INFOKES.CO.ID, JAKARTA- On July 2, 2019, the deputy mayor of Tegal City worked to Living Lab Smart City Nusantara Telkom. To realize the city of Tegal smart city, the Mayor asked Telkom to explain all applications to realize the City of Tegal Smart City.

On this change, PT. Infokes Indonesia as the company that manages epuskesmas applications has the opportunity to explain the application to help process data in the Tegal City health department.

Photo: Presentation of the epuskesmas Ng application.

The deputy mayor and his staff were very enthusiastic when Mr. Azhar and his partner Alip presented the dashboard of all epuskesmas users in Indonesia. "This will make it easier when we need data on which regions should be the focus of work for the Tegal City Health Service," he said.

Photo: The Tegal City Health Office took the time to discuss the epuskesmas Ng application.

The Health Service Office expressed its desire for another meeting to discuss further application needs. Hopefully as soon as possible Tegal City can apply the epuskesmas Ng application as a support and realize Tegal City as a Smart City.

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