All Village Health Centers in Cilincing Subdistrict Switch to ePuskesmas NG
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INFOKES.CO.ID, NORTH JAKARTA- Cilincing District Health Center is one of the health services in the North Jakarta area, more precisely in the District of Cilincing, North Jakarta Administrative City. If in total there are around 11 Puskesmas points in the entire Cilincing District area if counted with the Kelurahan District Health Center.

 Talking about Puskesmas does not seem to be "bad" if it does not talk about the Health Information System (SIK) as a back-to-back tool for the Puskesmas itself, because with SIK health services such as Puskesmas can freely process the medical data needed at any time and anywhere that is easily supported by the development of the digitalization era.

In utilizing SIK, all Puskesmas in the Cilincing Subdistrict area since the last 2 years have implemented ePuskesmas. Actually not only in Cilincing Sub-district in North Jakarta that implemented ePuskesmas as its SIK media, in North Jakarta there was also Pademangan Sub-district Health Center along with all Sub-District Health Centers and Tanjung Priok Sub-District Health Centers and all of the Kelurahan Puskesmas that implemented ePuskesmas, but there were special in Cilincing District because currently all Puskesmas in the Cilincing Subdistrict area have upgraded the system used, namely by implementing NG ePuskesmas where the NG ePuskesmas is the latest innovation from PT. Infokes Indonesia as a company that develops ePuskesmas directly.

Photo: ePuskesmas NG Assistance by Dieka Harry Anarki (FTO) in One of the Kelurahan Puskesmas

Starting from the Sub-District Health Center which starts migrating to the newest ePuskesmas system on 29 February 2019. After a few months, the Cilincing District Health Center has been followed by all of the Village Health Centers to migrate from the old ePuskesmas to NG ePuskesmas on 13 May 2019.

Photo: ePuskesmas NG Assistance by Megi Rizki Pebrian (FTO) in One of the Kelurahan Puskesmas

 NG ePuskesmas itself presents as a solution to a number of problems or complete modules that are not yet available in the old version of ePuskesmas, related parties that implement ePuskesmas directly hoping that the presence of this NG ePuskesmas can help Puskesmas services to a better level.

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