Batam City Immediately Implementation of ePuskesmas in all Puskesmas
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BATAM CITY - Riau Islands (abbreviated as Riau Islands) is a province in Indonesia. Riau Islands Province borders Vietnam and Cambodia in the north; Malaysia and the West Kalimantan province in the east; Bangka Belitung Islands and Jambi provinces in the south; State of Singapore, Malaysia and Riau province to the west. This province is an archipelago province in Indonesia.

Overall, the Riau Islands region consists of 5 regencies, and 2 cities, 52 sub-districts and 299 sub-districts / villages with 2,408 large and small islands that are 30% not yet named, and inhabited. The total area is 8,201.72 km², around 95% is ocean, and only about 5% is land. (Source:

Currently ePuskesmas users in Riau Islands are Bintan Regency and Tanjung Pinang City. Regency itself can be said to be the pioneer of ePuskesmas in Riau Islands because indeed Bintan Regency was the first time to be an ePuskesmas user there, more or less now 3 years Bintan Regency has implemented ePuskesmas. After that, the city of Tanjung Pinang only followed its neighboring Bintan Regency to start using ePuskesmas in 2018.

Photo: Insert ePuskesmas Material By Ganjar Santosa (PT. Infokes Indonesia)It seems that the news of Bintan Regency and Tanjung Pinang City uses ePuskesmas for its Health Information System (SIK) to the ears of the Batam City Health Office and is interested in implementing it also in all Puskesmas in Batam City which seems to be seriously carried out by the Batam City Health Office. invite directly from PT. Infokes Indonesia, which is a direct developer of ePuskesmas services, which was then attended by Ganjar Santosa (Chief Marketing Officer) to explain directly ePuskesmas.

Photo: Ganjar Santosa (PT. Infokes Indonesia) Discusses Planning for ePuskesmas in the future

Friday, May 3, 2019 is the day when the ePuskesmas is officially introduced to all parliaments in the Batam City Health Office by Ganjar Santosa (Chief Marketing Officer) who happens to be a representative of PT. Indonesian Infokes attending the agenda. It is planned that Batam City will immediately implement ePuskesmas in the hope that ePuskesmas can become a source of reporting needs for the Health Office or Puskesmas specifically those that directly implement it.

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