NG ePuskesmas was evaluated at Kembangan District Health Center
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Approximately six months the ePuskesmas has been running in the Kembangan sub-district health center along with all the sub-district health centers. Kembangan District Health Center itself is the first Puskesmas in West Jakarta Administrative City that implements NG (Next Generation) ePuskesmas where NG ePuskesmas is the latest innovation from PT. Infokes Indonesia and a development of the old ePuskesmas.

Long before the implementation of NG ePuskesmas in Kembangan Sub-District Health Center, previously there was the Tamansari Sub-District Health Center which implemented ePuskesmas, except that the ePuskesmas used in the Tamansari District Health Center was still an old version and had not been migrated to NG ePuskesmas.

Now in West Jakarta Administrative City itself there are about 3 Puskesmas that are users of ePuskesmas from the Tamansari District Health Center, Kembangan District Health Center and Tambora District Health Center. Not only in the sub-district health center, all village health centers in the 3 sub-districts have used ePuskesmas as well.

Photo: The atmosphere at the ePuskesmas Evalation Takes place

In terms of developing the system so that it is more rich in features that will later be useful for the Puskesmas itself, on April 9, 2019, the Kembangan Sub-district Health Center invited speakers from PT. Indonesian Infokes to be able to attend the evaluation agenda held at the Kembangan Sub-District Health Center Meeting Room with the hope that after the evaluation the ePuskesmas service can run more optimally through improvements made directly by the ePuskesmas development team.

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