Pademangan District Health Center Becomes the Second Puskesmas User of ePuskesmas NG in North Jakarta
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INFOKES.CO.ID, NORTH JAKARTA- ePuskesmas NG is being intensively solicited by PT. Infokes Indonesia as the ePuskesmas developer company itself can replace the old ePuskesmas. The effort was actually intended so that the ePuskesmas NG service could be implemented as soon as possible in Jakarta because of the wealth of features because some updates were made, especially on the part of the system. PT. Infokes Indonesia guarantees that ePuskesmas NG is better permormance compared to its predecessor ePuskesmas.

 This is often solicited for ePuskesmas users by PT. Infokes Indonesia includes points in DKI Jakarta which is one of the largest base of ePuskesmas users. In North Jakarta, there are around 3 Puskesmas users of ePuskesmas services and one of them is the Cilincing District Health Center, which recently migrated to NG ePuskesmas.

On February 27, 2019 Pademangan District Health Center followed the steps of the Cilincing District Health Center to migrate to ePuskesmas NG and now there are 2 Health Centers in North Jakarta that are officially registered as ePuskesmas NG users. For 2 days all staff at Pademangan Sub-district Health Center were trained again in NG ePuskesmas operations because indeed in terms of appearance there was a slight change even though in terms of the flow it was still the same.

Photo: Atmosphere When ePuskesmas NG Mentoring takes place in Pademangan District Health Center

PT. Infokes Indonesia as a developer company from ePuskesmas directly hopes that ePuskesmas NG will have a significant impact in lieu of the old ePuskesmas and can really be a solution.

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