PT. Infokes Indonesia Present in Provinsi Bali to Support the Governor Vision and Mission
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January 30, 2019, the Infokes Indonesia team again attended the invitation to the meeting to announce the vision and mission of the Governor of Bali. In this meeting activities were attended by, Provincial Secretary, Governor's Expert Staff, Kadinkes representatives from all city / district health offices, Director representatives from all Public Hospitals / Hospitals and representatives from Clinical Associations.

At the meeting the governor's mission was conveyed including building Kramat Bali Sehat (KBS) and one health data in Bali Province. The governor of Bali province wants health services to be improved so that public health monitoring can be monitored by the government with a more sophisticated and easier system. By inviting the Infokes Indonesia team, he hopes that he can solve the solution to the technology-based Health Information System (SIK) problem. in this problem the Infokes team introduced the Web-based NG ePuskesmas Application.

Penaparan aplikasi ePuskesmas di Bali

Photo: Mr. Ganjar Santosa is presenting about the application of ePuskesmas NG

In the meeting Ganjar Santosa CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of one of the Infokes teams represented Telkom and was asked to present the Smarthealth concept that would be applied in the Province of Bali. From the presentation, there were a lot of good responses from all parties present, as seen from the many questions surrounding the solution that will be applied in the Province of Bali.


suasana Kegiatan di Dinkes Prov. Bali
Photo: Atmosphere of Meeting Activities at Bali Provincial Health Office

Conclusions on the agenda will be applied to NG ePuskesmas Application services for all health centers throughout the Province of Bali. Infokes Indonesia team as application developer in the field of health and trusted to fulfill the mission of Guberner Prov. Bali. Not only the NG ePuskesmas application but the eClinic application will also be implemented in some clinics that agree to use eClinic in the Province. For hospitals in prov. Bali will be implemented regarding the eRujuk application.

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