Happiness of Pancoran Public Health Center in the Presentation of ePuskesmas NG Application Socialization
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On Tuesday, January 15, 2019. PT Infokes Indonesia is back at the Pancoran Health Center, South Jakarta. In the framework of the Socialization of ePuskesmas  NG, it was well received about this ePuskesmas NG application. The health center that is enthusiastic about using the ePuskemas NG application wants to know in more detail how to use the epuskemas application more optimally.

 Photo : Photo With Staff Puskesmas Kec. Pancoran

Not only do you want to know more about how to use it, but the health center wants to understand more from various aspects, from how to use it and the benefits of the NG ePuskemas application. Seeing the enthusiasm of the puskesmas in implementing the PT Infokes Indonesia NG ePuskemas, they immediately followed up the request and it was realized by Ganjar Santosa as CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and Muhammad Azhar as BD (Business Development) who came directly to the Pancoran health center.

In the socialization, the puskesmas seemed enthusiastic and serious about the presentation of the socialization of the NG ePuskemas application, the expectations of the puskesmas by implementing the NG ePuskemas application which could facilitate the performance of the puskesmas and be able to provide services to the community more optimally.


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