Evaluation of ePuskesmas, Socialization of ePuskesmas NG and Introduction eAntrian application at the Puskesmas Kec. Pulogaduns
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Kec. Pulogadung Sub-district Health Center invited the infokes team to conduct an evaluation of the application of the ePuskesmas that had been running at the puskesmas. So with the invitation the infokes team immediately fulfilled the invitation, on Thursday (10/1) the infokes team left for Jakarta and conducted an evaluation along with the officers there. The team that conducted the evaluation there was Brother Rahmat Taopik, where he was also the support team who understood the application and also about updates in terms of application.

Photo: Evaluation of the application of ePuskesmas NG in the Pulogadung District Health Center

Not only ePuskesmas evaluation was conducted there, but it was also conducted socialization of NG ePuskesmas. It was also introduced to the eAntrian application, where later for Pulogadung health center patients were able to immediately pass through the eAntrian machine and eAntrian machine.

Photo: Photo together with Pulogadung District Health Center Officer

At the time of evaluation and presentation on the e-administration at the Pulogadung Community Health Center, all officers properly extracted the presence of the NG ePuskesmas application at the Pulogadung health center. And hoping that with the application of the NG ePskesmas present at the Pulogadung health center it is the answer to all the obstacles that exist in the old version of the ePuskesmas application.

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