ePuskesmas Will Be Coming Soon at the District Health Center Kebon Jeruk
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INFOKES.CO.ID, WEST JAKARTA - ePuskesmas as an integrated patient management system in Indonesia is now back in the West Jakarta Administrative City after being implemented in the District Health Centers Tamansari, District Health Centers Kembangan, District Health Centers Tambora and District Health Centers Palmerah. Now the district health center Kebon Jeruk did not want to miss the implementation of ePuskesmas services and took the initiative to invite speakers from PT. Indonesian InfoKes to introduce the ePuskesmas management system directly to be introduced to all elements in the District Health Center Kebon Jeruk.

 District Health Centers Kebon Jeruk itself is known as one of the best landmarks for using the Health Information System for the West Jakarta region, so PT. InfoKes Indonesia as a provider of ePuskesmas services welcomes the introduction of ePuskesmas and is expected to later the District Health Center Kebon Jeruk can continue its landmark status after implementing the ePuskesmas service.

Following up on the initial planning of the District Health Centers Kebon Jeruk to introduce ePuskesmas there, in the end on January 7, 2019 ePuskesmas was officially introduced directly by Ganjar Santosa (Chief Marketing Officer) and Muhamad Azhar (Business Development) PT. InfoKes Indonesia. Like PT. InfoKes Indonesia welcomed the implementation of ePuskesmas at the District Health Centers Kebon Jeruk, party from the District Health Centers Kebon Jeruk also welcomed the presence of ePuskesmas.

Photo: Synergy between PT. Indonesian InfoKes and District Health Centers Kebon Jeruk

 Kec. Puskesmas Kebon Jeruk itself has stated to immediately implement ePuskesmas.

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