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On Thursday, January 17, 2019 there was an evaluation as well as the signing of the Ng epuskesmas application contract in all Puskesmas Sumedang. Sumedang District complements the use of epuskesmas applications in the East Parahyangan area, which we previously trusted by the City of Tasikmalaya, Pangandaran District, Banjar City, Ciamis District, Cirebon City and Tasikmalaya District.
Posted on 18 Jan 2019
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On Tuesday, January 15, 2019. PT Infokes Indonesia is back at the Pancoran Health Center, South Jakarta. In the framework of the Socialization of ePuskesmas NG, it was well received about this ePuskesmas NG application. The health center that is enthusiastic about using the ePuskemas NG application wants to know in more detail how to use the epuskemas application more optimally
Posted on 18 Jan 2019
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The Pulogadung Sub-district Health Center invited the infokes team to conduct an evaluation of the application of the ePuskesmas that had been running at the puskesmas. So with the invitation the infokes team immediately fulfilled the invitation, on Thursday (10/1) the infokes team left for Jakarta and conducted an evaluation along with the officers there. The team that conducted the evaluation there was Brother Rahmat Taopik, where he was also the support team who understood the application and also about updates in terms of application.
Posted on 11 Jan 2019
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At the beginning of 2019 Central Jakarta again recorded a row of ePuskesmas users. The ePuskesmas service is planned to be immediately implemented in the Puskesmas Kec. Johar Baru where on January 8, 2019 District Health Center Johar Baru had started the initial initiation by inviting speakers from PT. Indonesian InfoKes
Posted on 09 Jan 2019
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Following up on the initial planning of the District Center Kebon Jeruk to introduce ePuskesmas there, in the end on January 7, 2019 ePuskesmas was officially introduced directly by Ganjar Santosa (Chief Marketing Officer) and Muhamad Azhar (Business Development) PT. InfoKes Indonesia.
Posted on 08 Jan 2019
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PEKALONGAN, Pekalongan Regency is one of the ePuskesmas application users in Indonesia. Already several puskesmas have become part of ePuskesmas application users from PT. Infokes Indonesia. Of the many puskesmas that have joined the ePuskesmas application, they feel a very significant benefit, starting from the automatic reporting.
Posted on 20 Dec 2018
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After getting exposure to ePuskesams directly from Ganjar Santosa (Chief Marketing Officer) who was invited directly by the Puskesmas Kec. Palmerah which took place at the Puskesmas District Hall Palmerah on December 19, 2018, finally the Puskesmas Kec. Palmerah is fully committed to migrating to NG ePuskesmas. The agenda was attended by many parties, both from District Health Center representatives and from the Kelurahan Health Center.
Posted on 19 Dec 2018
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In order to maximize ePuskesmas patient management services, Cirebon City Health Office initiated to evaluate the use of ePuskesmas in all Cirebon City Health Centers. The evaluation agenda took place in the Hall of the Cirebon City Health Office where around 30 people attended the agenda plus the Head of the Program and PT. InfoKes Indonesia as a resource person.
Posted on 18 Dec 2018
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Not until that, after the ePuskesmas was implemented in the Puskesmas Kec. Kembangan, ePuskesmas also began to be noticed by one of the District Health Centers in other West Jakarta areas. Kec. Puskesmas Tambora, yes the Tambora Health Center, which recently joined the SIK ePuskesmas service. Where is the district health center Tambora became the 3rd family in the West Jakarta area to become a user of ePuskesmas services.
Posted on 17 Dec 2018
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PT. Indonesian Infokes always develops applications that are owned, with the development of Infokes having applications for Queues. Where the queue machine can already be integrated with the ePuskesmas application so patients do not need to queue long in the registration section.
Posted on 14 Dec 2018
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