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INFOKES.CO.ID, GIANYAR DISTRICT - Bali Province is one of the many users of NG ePuskesmas services. In Bali Province itself, NG ePuskesmas services are used by the Badung District Health Office which has implemented it earlier and recently, the Gianyar Regency Health Office has just joined to implement NG ePuskesmas services.
Posted on 06 Apr 2021
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INFOKES.CO.ID, KOTA BANDUNG - Infokes Indonesia has recently issued a service that is actually new even though it has been implemented for the existing version. Yes, the service in question is the eClinic service which is currently being upgraded to the Next Generation (NG) version.
Posted on 03 Mar 2021
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BANDUNG CITY - The infoKes Mobile application Version 2.0 has been broadcasting approximately 2-3 months, which can be downloaded directly on the Playstore. Reviewing the features that are brought in the latest update version of InfoKes Mobile is indeed innovative, which is now that InfoKes Mobile users can see the Health Facilities around them because Infokes deliberately enter the coordinates of Health Facilities that are scattered throughout Indonesia to make it easier and help people who will visit the Health Facility.
Posted on 15 Feb 2021
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INFOKES.CO.ID, SUMEDANG DISTRICT - Sumedang District Health Office has implemented the ePuskesmas service developed by Infokes Indonesia for about a year. It means, the initial implementation of ePuskesmas services in Sumedang Regency was in the 2019s.
Posted on 14 Dec 2020
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INFOKES.CO.ID, KOTA BANDUNG - Infokes Indonesia merupakan perusahaan Teknologi Sistem Informasi yang bergerak dalam pengembangan Sistem Informasi Kesehatan di Indonesia. Apabila berkaca pada hal tersebut, itu memang sejalan dengan Visi dan Misi yang Infokes jalankan yaitu "Menjadi penyedia layanan solusi Teknologi Informasi Kesehatan Online dan Terintegrasi di Indonesia (Integrated eHealth Platform)".
Posted on 08 Dec 2020
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INFOKES.CO.ID, MAJALENGKA DISTRICT - NG ePuskesmas service was recently launched at the Majalengka District Health Office. In this launching, NG ePuskesmas was immediately included in the Majalengka Raharja program or stands for Religious, Fair, Harmonious and Prosperous.
Posted on 02 Nov 2020
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INFOKES.CO.ID, MAJALENGKA DISTRICT - Majalengka Regency, is a district in Tatar Pasundan, West Java Province, Indonesia. Its capital is Majalengka. Majalengka is also the same name used with the name of a Regency located in West Java. As a regency city, of course, this area has its own history and origins.
Posted on 21 Oct 2020
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BERAU DISTRICT - The District Health Office of Berau recently signed a contract with Infokes Indonesia to use ePuskesmas services. There the ePuskesmas service itself will be implemented in 10 Puskesmas points and the Health Office to serve as a pilot out of a total of 21 Puskesmas points.
Posted on 20 Oct 2020
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INFOKES.CO.ID, MAJALENGKA DISTRICT - The Majalengka District Health Office is finally planning the migration process for ePuskesmas services to the NG ePuskesmas version starting on October 12, 2020.
Posted on 13 Oct 2020
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INFOKES.CO.ID, KABUPATEN SUMEDANG - Pada tanggal 6 Oktober 2020 lalu DInas Kesehatan Kabupaten Sumedang mengundang Infokes Indonesia untuk melaksanakan meeting yang di selenggarakan di kantor Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Sumedang. Pada agenda meeting tersebut Dinas Kesehatan Kabupaten Sumedang dan Infokes Indonesia mendiskusikan tentang persiapan menghadapi Hari Kesehatan Nasional 12 November 2020 nanti.
Posted on 07 Oct 2020
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