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The initial step of the bridging was carried out by both parties on 18 February 2020 at the Mandiri Health Office. The meeting was used as a place to introduce each company to introduce their respective products and also as a place to start discussions between the two parties in discussing the needs that will be implemented later.
Posted on 19 Feb 2020
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For the concept itself, anyone who registers online to the puskesmas through the Mobile JKN BPJS Health service will be immediately hybridized with the application implemented throughout DKI Jakarta. It aims to make it easier for the public to register for treatment at the puskesmas so that they don't queue for long at the puskesmas registration counter.
Posted on 18 Feb 2020
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Actually, Infokes Indonesia itself has discussed with the people behind the JAKI application through the Smart City Nusantara program, which in the past few years was indeed initiated in several major cities in Indonesia, more precisely with Jakarta Smart City on February 12, 2020.
Posted on 13 Feb 2020
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There was something different about the evaluation activity at the Sumedang District Health Office, besides being used to discuss NG ePuskesmas services, the activity was scheduled to sign a subscription contract for ePuskesmas services for 2020 as a form of commitment and synergy between Infokes Indonesia and the Sumedang District Health Office and all the point of the puskesmas.
Posted on 10 Feb 2020
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It seems that PT. Sysmex Indonesia itself is indeed serious about integrating its LIS with ePuskesmas services because on 3 February 2020 PT. Sysmex Indonesia invited Infokes Indonesia to discuss its integration needs.
Posted on 04 Feb 2020
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On January 30, 2020, the new Infokes Indonesia family had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with all Infokes Indonesia staff at the Infokes Indonesia Office. Likewise, all Infokes Indonesia staff also had the opportunity to meet face-to-face with new faces who would later decorate the journey of Infokes Indonesia.
Posted on 31 Jan 2020
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On January 28, 2020, all midwives in Mojokerto and Infokes Indonesia had the opportunity to evaluate the implementation of eBidan (Midwife Beauty) services there. Because Infokes Indonesia was invited by the Mojokerto District Health Office, the Infokes also attended the invitation which was then represented by Ihsan Fauzi Rahman (Chief Agillity Officer) and Alip Awaludin (Business Development).
Posted on 30 Jan 2020
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In 2020 BPJS Health and Infokes Indonesia again innovated to hybridize BPJS Mobile JKN services with ePuskesmas services. Later patients will no longer be confused when going to a health center because there are more options to register online, either by using JKN BPJS mobile services or Infokes Mobile Apps.
Posted on 28 Jan 2020
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On January 23, 2020 finally the Health Service Center (Puspelkes) took the initiative to invite Infokes Indonesia to conduct an eClinic service evaluation. On that date Infokes Indonesia fulfilled the evaluation invitation which was then represented by M. Tourqi Sulaeman Fauzi (Business Development) and M. Irfan Alfian (Field Technical Officer). The agenda held at the Health Service Headquarters (Puspelkes) is utilized to discuss the latest world health updates so that modules in eClinic are always up-to-date according to the needs of the current Clinic.
Posted on 27 Jan 2020
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The Pangandaran District Health Office itself has in fact made several evaluations between the Pangandaran District Health Office, Puskesmas and Infokes Indonesia before the evaluation agenda that had just been carried out on January 23, 2020 at the Parigi Health Center. The evaluation agenda that has just been carried out is actually the same as a series of evaluations that have been carried out before, namely discussing the problem of using ePuskesmas services in Pangandaran Regency, solving problems in applications and also evaluating eFarmasi services.
Posted on 24 Jan 2020
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