Infokes Team Visiting Veranda of Mecca.
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INFOKES.CO.ID, NAGAN RAYA - Infokes representatives from the business development team traveled more than 2000 km to visit the Aceh region, which is at the western tip of Indonesia. This trip was mainly to carry out training on the use of ePuskesmas application in Nagan Raya Regency.


However, in practice, this trip in Aceh did not only carry out training, but also carried out several socializations to be able to produce other contracts for the use of the ePuskesmas application.

For Nagan Raya district, the use of the ePuskesmas application is necessary in supporting the electronic medical record data collection process. So that on August 2nd in 2022, the Nagan Raya Health Office officially signed a contract to use ePuskesmas with its 14 puskesmas.



So far, Kab. Nagan Raya conducts training remotely using the zoom application. Until finally on October 11, 2022, the health office together with representatives of the puskesmas received a direct visit from representatives of the Infokes team to carry out direct training.

The training lasts for several days with the direct implementation method, so that if there are obstacles from the training participants while using ePuskesmas, they can be directly assisted by representatives of the Infokes team.

In addition, activities in Aceh region also included socialization which resulted a contract for the use of ePuskesmas by  West Aceh district with 13 puskesmas, in the next day on 12 October 2022.


Besides ePuskesmas, from Aceh there also came an interest in using eClinic application from Graha Ummi Clinic in Nagan Raya, this cannot be separated from the role of ePuskesmas which has been proven to be able to administer and service medical record data properly.

So that a similar application from infokes that functions in web-based patient management that helps service performance and data processing is able to attract the interest one of the clinics in Aceh.

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