North Kolaka Undergoes Live Training After 2 Months of Use
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INFOKES.CO.ID, NORTH KOLAKA - After the previous July, North Kolaka Regency in Southeast Sulawesi Province stated its commitment by signing a contract for the use of the ePuskesmas application for its 16 puskesmas.

In a period of approximately 2 months since the contract, North Kolaka more often conducts training remotely or online via the zoom application.

This training itself is an activity to learn how to use and get to know the features of the Infokes application that carried out centrally.


Until finally on October 3rd, 2022 representatives from Infokes made a direct visit to the North Kolaka to provide direct training as well as supervising the development usage so far.

This training also makes the visit as part of a direct evaluation of whether there are obstacles in the field when using the ePuskesmas digital health information system.

The training was carried out because of the large number of participants from the community health centers who joined together with time constraints. So that each participant who takes part in training is really directed to know overall functions and features of ePuskesmas, so that its use will be better than during online training.


Until the direct training occur, it turns out that in the field there were 6 health centers that still having network problems. However, representatives from Infokes directed to input data after service hours.

The training agenda that held in North Kolaka, besides being attended by users, like from the puskesmas is of course also supervised by the health department. Where when they look at the function while ePuskesmas is implemented directly, health departement strongly encourages to use the application because it helped a lot.

With the completion of this training, ePuskesmas application can be used more optimally as a whole in North Kolaka.

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