Bangka Belitung Region Gets a Training Visit
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BANGKA BELITUNG - The province of the Bangka Belitung Islands and with the capital city of Pangkal Pinang, which is the center of business and trade activity and the tin mining industry, decided to use ePuskesmas together with other districts in Bangka Belitung, specifically South Bangka Regency.


Currently, Pangkal Pinang City has undergone two days of training that carried out on 3 and 4 October 2022, for the use of the ePuskesmas application. This training was intended so that each user can operate the application optimally, especially for the 9 health centers in Pangkal Pinang city.


While in South Bangka regency with 10 health centers underwent training on 5 and 6 October 2022. So the total addition of digitally transformed health centers has reached 19 from the Bangka Belitung region itself.


This digital transformation is an effort in transitioning to electronic medical records that has been attempted by the government through the Ministerial regulation of Health no. 24 year 2022.


In addition, the advantages of digitization and the use of health information systems are able to reduce stationery costs because all recording and report generation has been done paperless.


In addition, the ePuskesmas application has the advantage of being able to integrate with various other applications, such as Pcare. This is what makes the puskesmas openly accept ePuskesmas apart from the many benefits and bridging with Pcare, a data collection application from BPJS.


This enthusiasm was able to create an atmosphere of active participants who wanted to learn more about the application, plus we received a good response from the puskesmas staff and the health office. This training was also carried out not only by the puskesmas but also by the health office of Pangkal Pinang City and South Bangka Regency.


The Health Office itself carried out a training for the use of eDinkes application, which oversees the ePuskesmas application in receiving reports and monitoring the puskesmas. This makes it easier for the Health Office to receive reports in real-time.

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