Sragen ePuskesmas Re-evaluation
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INFOKES.CO.ID, SRAGEN - Starting in February 2022, the Sragen District Health Office wants to conduct a pilot project in the use of ePuskesmas in seven puskesmas. Until finally, in July 2022, 19 other Puskesmas followed using ePuskesmas.


So since the end of July 2022 after the mentoring was held, 26 puskesmas using the ePuskesmas application in Sragen had directly implemented the ePuskesmas application independently for two months.



In the past two months, the puskesmas in Sragen feel that there wasn't any optimization in the use of ePuskesmas. So Sragen district health office took the initiative to invite Infokes to carry out evaluation activities.


This evaluation was carried out on Thursday 29 September 2022 in the Sragen Health Office Hall, attended by the office and representatives of 26 puskesmas.


The holding of this activity serves to strengthen the use of ePuskesmas so as to create excellent health services with optimal use. Where, of course, our team explained it first with the data on application usage in the Sragen area.



After elaborating the data, the puskesmas can express the obstacles experienced if the use of the application is not optimal. Next, a discussion was held to create a good solution.


Due to this evaluation activity, where the entire process of using each puskesmas can be properly monitored, improvements from both parties can be created for the advancement of digital medical data records and excellent health facility services.

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