Infokes Visits Tasik and Garut Health Offices in the Discussion of MCH Support Applications
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INFOKES.CO.ID, TASIKMALAYA - On September 20, 2022 the business team from Infokes made a land visit in the West Java region, to be precise, the Kab. Tasikmalaya and kab. Garut to visit each representative of the health department.

This trip aims to promote maternal and child health support applications, one of which is through the ePosyandu application which owned by Infokes.

This application is a digital posyandu service management application that has been integrated with other health facility applications such as ePuskesmas and eDinkes which allows health data information to be distributed properly in one area.


On a visit to Tasikmalaya district health office. Infokes's representative socialized the ePosyandu application and collaborated to produce the 'ePosyandu Sayang Ibu' application which was specifically used for the Tasikmalaya area because it was the result of joint development with the health office.

So that in October the application will be submitted to the Regent and his staff so that it can immediately be used in all posyandu in Tasikmalaya which is the first service for maternal, child and family planning health.

The next visit was carried out to the Garut district health office who carried out the discussion about the ePuskesmas application. This discussion was held with the Head of Health Services, Miss Rita.


Where he wanted Infokes to convince the puskesmas users of ePuskesmas to integrate with the e-Cohort application initiated by the ministry of health application.

The e-Cohort application itself is an integrated monitoring system for mothers, infants, and toddlers that includes the implementation of recording, monitoring, and reporting on information technology-based MCH services.

So that ePuskesmas users in the Garut area don't have to worry about having to use various applications to input MCH data because later it can be integrated.

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