Citereup Health Center Evaluation of the Use of ePuskesmas and Receiving Klinisia Outreach.
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BOGOR - One of hundreds of puskesmas that use ePuskesmas in the Bogor districts, Citereup Public Health Center, underwent an evaluation of the use of ePuskesmas.


The activity which was carried out for two days on August 22 and 23 was at the same time to provide socialization for the use of the Klinisia Mobile application as a support apps of ePuskesmas services.


This time the evaluation is targeting the supervision and survey of the implementation of the ePuskesmas application which has been running after the training in June (13/6).



So that in approximately after two months of independently use without being accompanied by officers, PT Infokes decided to conduct an evaluation to monitor whether the usage was maximal enough.

In this two-day activity, there was also socialization regarding the use of a mobile application, Klinisia Mobile.


Klinisia Mobile is a substitute for the Infokes mobile application that has better features, such as being able to connect patients with doctors. Then it has an 'online consultation' feature where the Klinisia Mobile application is able to help patients find doctors from Klinisia to conduct consultations conveniently via smartphones.



Activities also run interactively and can be completed well. During the evaluation, there were many questions that invited active interaction from the evaluation participants.


With this evaluation and socialization, it is hoped that the use of ePuskesmas can maximize the potential of services in the Kab. Bogor. In addition, it is hoped that all puskesmas can open registration services through Klinisia Mobile. So that it can make it easier for patients to get access to services at the puskesmas.

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