eAntrean Get More Attention on August
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BANDUNG - In August 2022 from August 3 to 15, various activities related to the use of the eAntrean application were carried out. Starting from the installation, training, and evaluation carried out on the eAntrean application in various regions.


The eAntrean training and installation was carried out in the Bekasi area, precisely at the Sukadami Health Center, Kab. Bekasi and the Perawas Health Center in Belitung. Then the evaluation was held in the Sumedang area, in Kota Kaler Health Center and Situ Health Center.

All health centers that use the eAntrean application are also users of the ePuskesmas application. This is because these applications are integrated with each other, so that eAntrean is able to complement the features in the ePuskesmas application that assists in the management of patient breakdown.

The eAntrean application can be obtained for free if you have used ePuskesmas, but it does not include Kiosk or Mini Kiosk devices which are sold directly by PT Infokes with compatible specifications.

Even so, customers can still use the eAntrean application with their own devices by referring to recommendations from PT Infokes.

For the installation of the eAntrean application, it is usually done in the use of the Kiosk queuing engine. Which is an independent platform machine and can be used directly by puskesmas patients. Just with a little guidance from puskesmas officers who have undergone training.

Next in the evaluation, is how the application and the queuing machine are maximized by the use of the puskesmas and patients or visitor.

We hoped that in the future the eAntrean application can be maximized by users. Then the benefits in breaking down queues at health facilities can be spread to other ePuskesmas users.

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