The Last Batch of ePuskesmas Training in Kab. Bogor
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BOGOR - After many times this year, the Infokes team visited Kab. Bogor. Which in the previous agenda, had started the first wave of training in mid-June (13/6) which was conducted for about 20 to 30 health centers, now it finally reached the final wave, the third wave.

This third wave of training was held from July 11, 2022 to July 20, 2022, which was attended by around 40 remaining health centers.


Where the training itself is an activity to learn how to use and get to know the features of the application from Infokes and is carried out centrally.


Previously, in the first and second wave of training, the training was divided into several sessions starting from the morning until the afternoon.



The training was carried out because of the large number of participants from the puskesmas who joined and of course so that each participant who took part in the training really knew the overall functions and features of the ePuskesmas so that the application would be optimal.


With a total of 5 days of training and attended by about 10 puskesmas per day, each puskesmas can bring one representative from each poly they have. So that the training becomes more thorough and could optimize the use of the application.


With the end of this last wave of training, the ePuskesmas application can be used as a whole, in all health facilities owned by Bogor district government. 


At the same time, the health office also received training to use the eDinkes application which oversees all ePuskesmas applications in the district, so that the health data information system in Bogor district can be distributed easily through one door.

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