Various Agendas Present from the Banten Region
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BANTEN - One representative from the Infokes business team visited Banten again. This time the area visited was not half-hearted, we visited four district cities at once. This is done in order to conduct socialization as well as evaluation. For the socialization itself, it was carried out on the ePuskesmas application which was again carried out in the Tangerang City and Pandeglang Regency areas. Meanwhile, the evaluation was carried out in Cilegon City on the eFarmasi application.


In addition from above the passage, from Banten also came news that the area that previously underwent assistance, in Lebak area, who wanted further assistance in 5 new health centers. This health center has not previously received assistance or can be said to have just made up its mind to use the ePuskesmas service application. So that in July  Infokes will get many agendas that are present from the Banten area.

Representatives from Infokes on the first day directly visited two areas at once, team were went to Tangerang and Pandeglang. Both regions underwent socialization for the ePuskesmas application. The socialization was intimate so that not many people attended. Infokes directly talked face-to-face with representatives of the health department so that there was a deep communication regarding the discussion of health services and what PT Infokes could offer. Because of this intimate conversation, the two agencies agreed to hold a follow-up socialization which would later be attended by representatives of the puskesmas.



Meanwhile, from other areas in Banten, there was another desire from the puskesmas to carry out assistance for 5 Puskesmas in the Lebak area with details:

1. Pamandegan Health Center
2. Cirinten Health Center
3. Bojongjuruh Health Center
4. Cimarga Health Center
5. Cihara Health Center

The above are health centers that haven't used ePuskesmas but the Lebak area itself has been using and running ePuskesmas since April 2022 yesterday. Assistance is held so that the entire Lebak area becomes uniform in the use of the health information system. The mentoring itself is being implemented and according to the initial plan which was started out on July 11, 2022.

As for the Cilegon area, an ePharmacy evaluation activity was carried out at the Cilegon City Health Office, which has been completed. The evaluation discussion this time was about the main obstacle the application was not used optimally, and from the results of the evaluation the team got used to continuing the information to the developer team for discussion upon returning from the trip from Banten to maximize the use of applications from Infokes by users.

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