This Pioneer Area Undergoes Klinisia Mobile Outreach
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INFOKES.CO.ID, SUMEDANG - The Health Office and several representatives of the puskesmas in Sumedang received socialization. In general, Sumedang is always at the forefront and provides an example for PT Infokes application users from other regions. This is due to the presence of a new application that supports ePuskesmas, named Klinisia Mobile. This application will replace the use of Infokes Mobile. Which has almost similar uses but of course with more and more updated features.


Right on Thursday on the last day of June (30/6) the Infokes team together with representatives from KSI as strategic partners and 'creators' of the Klinisia Mobile application visited the Sumedang health office. PT Infokes with VP and one member of the business development team came with dr. Henny as a representative of KSI gave a presentation and explanation of the features of Klinisia Mobile in front of all representatives of the health office and puskesmas.

This all, purposed so that Kab. Sumedang remains at the forefront of using the PT Infokes application in supporting services at its health facilities. So that with this socialization, it is hoped that all puskesmas in Sumedang will be able to open registration via online channels that are connected to Klinisia Mobile. Because of course the application that can be obtained in the Playstore and Appstore on the user's smartphone is already integrated with the ePuskesmas directly. So it is hoped that the puskesmas will also socialize to puskesmas visitors about this application.

Because some of the advantages that Klinisia have include; Can be used to connect patients with doctors. Then there is the 'Booking Schedule & Queue' feature for treatment at the Health Center & Clinic without queuing who is also able to register and monitor the queue through the Clinical Application. Furthermore, there is 'Online Consultation' where the Klinisia Mobile application is able to help patients find and consult with doctors. It's just that for a while the doctors who are presented are directly from the clinician. But it can be done comfortably via a smartphone. There is also a 'Healthy Book & Claim Prescription' feature where you can monitor your medical history and claiming medicines easily in one application.

With many features that have become updates in Klinisia Mobile compared to the previous Infokes Mobile, as a smartphone application it will make puskesmas visitors more helpful. This is also comparable to puskesmas which are also facilitated and able to automatically register patients who are also connected to the queue. So if this application has been actively used, Sumedang will become a pioneer and pilot area for the maximum use of all integrated Infokes applications.

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