Monitoring, Evaluation, and Socialization take place in Kramat Jati
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INFOKES.CO.ID, JAKARTA TIMUR - At the end of June 2022 the business and development team of PT Infokes carried out three activities at once, namely monitoring, evaluation, and socialization. This activity was carried out at the Kramat Jati sub-district health center, East Jakarta, DKI Jakarta Province. Indeed, the main purpose of the visiting team is to carry out a routine agenda, named monitoring and evaluation. This activity done to ensure that users optimally use applications that have been agreed upon in collaboration with PT Infokes.


For self-monitoring and evaluation, this time it was carried out for the ePuskesmas application. Where PT Infokes in a period of approximately three months conducts an evaluation in order to maintain consistency and use of the application, also if there are updates to the features, they are usually directly submitted to this activity entitled 'Monev'.

However, in this activity, apart from supervising the use of ePuskesmas in East Jakarta, especially the Kramat Jati sub-district health center, a team from PT Infokes also carried out socialization. This socialization serves to provide an informative introduction to what PT Infokes has, whether it's new features, applications, or integration with other parties. For this socialization, there were two things that were conveyed, the first was regarding the use of the Klinisia Mobile application as a support for ePuskesmas and the other was the LIS socialization from the ministry of health.


Klinisia Mobile itself, this is an application used on the smartphones of puskesmas patients that can help as a means of remote registration, online doctor consultation, and health records as well as redeeming prescriptions directly. Klinisia mobile will later replace the Infokes Mobile application as an update. Clinical socialization was carried out so that puskesmas could open the online registration feature through this application and conduct direct bridging with ePuskesmas.

LIS itself stands for Laboratory Information System. This is a system found in health facilities which aims to manage information to support the implementation of appropriate actions in planning, implementing, and monitoring laboratory performance. ePuskesmas itself is already bridging with the LIS system so that socialization is carried out to convince the puskesmas to carry out laboratory and examination services.

The activity which lasted for one day received good responses and raised other questions. Where the puskesmas also asked if the ePuskesmas application could be integrated with Bank DKI, where the bank offered to open a cashless payment system, using a QR code system or known as QRIS. This will later become a consideration for the PT Infokes Team to develop ePuskesmas services to integrate with other parties such as banks.

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