ePuskesmas Training Approaches the Land of Merlion
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BATAM - For PT Infokes, the implementation of training activities is such a normal activity in providing information to new users on how to use the applications provided by PT Infokes itself. But in this case provide direct training by dividing the two training rooms. Plus, this time the training was given to an area that borders Singapore's lion country, in the city of Batam, Riau Islands.

Batam itself is an area consisting of many islands and is one of Indonesia's trade gateways. This is influenced by geographical influences that are passed by several sea routes for transportation of international logistics shipments. Likewise, because of its close proximity to Singapore, which is the most developed region in Southeast Asia, as a port of international trade.



Therefore, this area is a good prospect for PT Infokes and partners because it is able to support government health facilities in a rapidly growing area. Because of its fast development, it is hoped that PT Infokes will be able to be encouraged to develop together to better support health facilities in Batam.

Because the area is often traversed by international shipping, the supported health facilities must have international service standards as well. This is what is expected from the PT Infokes application to become a health service booster with its application.

Currently the training carried out on the ePuskesmas application which was acquired by the Batam City Health Office with 33 Puskesmas has already taken place. The training was carried out since the third week of June (21/6) and lasted for four days with a system of dividing the training into two parts which took place simultaneously in one place.



This ePuskesmas training went smoothly, all puskesmas were very enthusiastic because the ePuskesmas had been fully supported by the health office and was made a priority program by the mayor and would be launched in July 2022. In this training, the puskesmas even mentioned that there was a pharmacy application which they felt would be very supportive. in the use of ePuskesmas.

This of course will be considered well in the future, maybe Infokes will offer the eFarmasi application as a pharmacy warehouse management application as a support application of health centers in the neighboring area of ??Merlion Country, Batam.

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