Return! Areas in Banten This Time Get A Visit
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INFOKES.CO.ID, CILEGON - Representatives of the Infokes team again visited areas in the province of Banten. This time the area visited is Cilegon. Cilegon is an area on the western tip of the island of Java that has become an existing customer who has been using the ePuskesmas application for 4 years or less since 2018. As an existing customer who uses ePuskesmas, there is a commitment from PT Infokes that is always carried out, to carrying out monitoring and evaluation activities. This activity was completed on Friday, June 17, 2022.


The event was opened by the Head of the Information and Public Relations Program Sub-Section, Andry Hermayady, S.Si, Apt,. This event was also attended by Representatives Section of the Health Service, the Head of Administration and the NG ePuskesmas admin from all 17 health centers in Cilegon. Monitoring and evaluation are activities that are always carried out by PT Infokes in its program to ensure that the services acquired by users run properly and are optimally used.

The evaluation applies to all users and is carried out regularly for a certain period of time. Usually done within 3 to 6 months. However, it is possible that if there are users who want the evaluation to be faster or slower, Infokes is also ready to provide these activities in person or online.

In this meeting, there were several points that became the main focus and were discussed by the Health Office and Infokes, including:

- Evaluating reports in the ePuskesmas application
- Provide an understanding of the reporting format at PMK 31 of 2019.
- Discussion of problems in the field when inputting reports in the ePuskesmas application
- Introduction of the KLINISIA MOBILE application

In the points above, what is discussed a lot is more about reporting how this feature has been used as it should, or there are obstacles in its use. Meanwhile, Infokes itself brings a message to convey a new application that is integrated with ePuskesmas, namely Klinisia Mobile Apps. This application is a substitute for the Infokes Mobile application. Where for each health center that opens access for mobile registration from a smartphone, now access is using Klinisia Mobile. So that this is part of the task of the puskesmas as well as to socialize this application to patients and visitors to the puskesmas.

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