Amid Restriction, PT Infokes Successfully Implement ePuskesmas Mentoring
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BEKASI - In an unfavorable atmosphere in Indonesia, where there is an increase in the number of cases of the Omicron variant. So the government had to re-implement PPKM Level 3, especially for Java and Bali. As a result, many activities are limited to 50 percent of the number of visitors and many offices apply WFH (Work From Home). Even so, with strict health protocols, PT Infokes remains committed to providing assistance in the continuation of the ePuskesmas mentoring series in a total of more than 40 health centers in the Bekasi area.


Mentoring that took place with eight members in eight health centers with a list of health centers as follows;
1. Jati Karya Health Center

2. Jati Kramat Health Center

3. Jati Luhur Health Center

4. Jati Makmur Health Center

5. Jati Mekar Health Center

6. Jati Ranggon Health Center

7. Jati Sampurna Health Center

8. Jati Warna Health Center



The mentoring process in general from the eight puskesmas went smoothly. Especially for several health centers, such as the Jati Warna, Jatiranggon, and Jatikarya Health Centers, there is a separate focus. For example, at the Jati Warna Health Center, assistance was provided to several sections such as registration officers, general poly, KIA poly, laboratories, and pharmacies. The officers looked enthusiastic and could understand ePuskesmas services after being accompanied. As for the assistance activities of the Jati Makmur ePuskesmas, from the registration section to the poly health center employees are active and enthusiastic.


Then at the Jatiranggon Health Center, because the puskesmas officers were carrying out the third dose of vaccine activity, there were only a few officers at the puskesmas, but the officers were very enthusiastic about using the ePuskesmas application, but were constrained by the absence of devices in each part, hoping that in the future the puskesmas will have devices in each section, so that officers can run the ePuskesmas application to the maximum


For the Jatikarya Health Center the application assistance went smoothly, the response of the officers was also good by asking questions that were aimed more at the ePuskesmas application itself so that their work would be facilitated, especially in the reporting section. For the eight health centers that were assisted this time it went well, although there were obstacles due to the PPKM level 3 condition which was held in Java-Bali.


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