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INFOKES.CO.ID, BEKASI - In an unfavorable atmosphere in Indonesia, where there is an increase in the number of cases of the Omicron variant. So the government had to re-implement PPKM Level 3, especially for Java and Bali. As a result, many activities are limited to 50% (percent) of the number of visitors and many offices apply WFH (Work From Home). Even so, with strict health protocols, PT Infokes remains committed to providing assistance in the continuation of the ePuskesmas mentoring series in a total of more than 40 health centers in the Bekasi area.
Posted on 21 Feb 2022
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INFOKES.CO.ID, SUMEDANG - The Cimanggung Health Center, located in Rancaekek, Sumedang Regency, invited PT Infokes representatives, namely Alip and Dicky from the business development team, to conduct an evaluation and refresh activity on the use of ePuskesmas. This activity is usually carried out at least once a year to check how the application is used, then whether there are problems in use or to provide the latest information regarding updates to the applications used.
Posted on 18 Feb 2022
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BEKASI - Entering the middle of February in a series of mentoring for the Bekasi City ePuskesmas. After running three series with a total of nine health centers that have been assisted. This time PT Infokes accelerated the series by adding personnel for assistance. Previously, the core assistance was carried out with only three personnel and one personnel for each puskesmas. Now the mentoring team, which only consists of three people, has been added by five people to make it eight people, with the formation of mentoring remaining the same, one person for one puskesmas.
Posted on 14 Feb 2022
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INFOKES.CO.ID, EAST JAKARTA - Tourqi as a representative of PT Infokes visited East Jakarta. This time the meeting was aimed at meeting two representatives from the puskesmas in East Jakarta, namely from the Ciracas Health Center and the Cakung Health Center. This meeting was held in order to discuss how PT Infokes as the owner of the ePuskesmas application carries out its commitment to the development of digital administration in the health sector in East Jakarta and even throughout the DKI Jakarta area.
Posted on 14 Feb 2022
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BEKASI - Again, PT Infokes received news about the sustainability of the mentoring process in Bekasi City. The mentoring that will last for approximately two months is entering the next series. After previously being carried out in three puskesmas, it will now take place in the next three health centers with three assistants, namely Public Health Center (Reggi), Bintara Jaya Health Center (Taufik), and Bojong Rawa Lumbu Health Center (Arif).
Posted on 10 Feb 2022
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INFOKES.CO.ID, GARUT - The collaboration process is being built, this time PT Infokes is trying to establish cooperation with the Garut Districts. The collaboration was carried out to include PT Infokes' products, namely eClinic, to be used by all clinics under this association. This process is currently underway where representatives of PT Infokes Muhamad Azhar (Business Development) visited the Garut District directly, and met with representatives of the Clinical Association.
Posted on 09 Feb 2022
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INFOKES.CO.ID, BEKASI - PT Infokes received an invitation to provide assistance to all puskesmas using ePuskesmas users in Bekasi City. This assistance will lasted for approximately two months. This activity was initiated on February 3, 2022, carried out by Tourqi, Arif, Taofik, and Reggi from the business development team and divided into three health centers which became the beginning of this series, namely; Aren Jaya Health Center, Bekasi Jaya Health Center, and Bantargebang Health Center.
Posted on 07 Feb 2022
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INFOKES.CO.ID, SUMEDANG - Another meeting was held with the Sumedang Health Office, this time PT Infokes held an eLabkesda Socialization which is a digital administration application specifically for regional health laboratories. This socialization was delivered by Alip Awaludin and Dicky Hermansyah (Business Development) then from the Sumedang Health Office attended by Mr. Surdi as the Head of the Planning subdivision of the Sumedang District Health Office and the head of the Labkesda Implementing Unit Mrs. Susi gantini.
Posted on 04 Feb 2022
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INFOKES.CO.ID, PONTIANAK - After previously attending Singkawang City in disseminating the ePuskesmas application, this time the representative of PT Infokes, Andri Maulana (Business Development) continued his adventure in West Kalimantan by attending the West Kalimantan capital, Pontianak. The goal this time was to attend the invitation given by the Kubu Raya District Health Center.
Posted on 04 Feb 2022
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INFOKES.CO.ID, LOMBOK - The Gunungsari Health Center in West Lombok received training on the use of the eAntrian machine. This training was held on February 2, 2022 by Apris Sundiana (Business Development). Of course, this is done directly on the machine that has been ordered by the Gunungsari Health Center. This is intended so that when it is implemented it is easier to describe according to the situation and conditions that will later be faced.
Posted on 03 Feb 2022
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