Dinas Kesehatan Tangerang Office Visits Infokes

INFOKES.CO.ID, BANDUNG – Again, Infokes got a visit. This time, on September 16, 2022, the Cukang Kawung Infokes office had guests from the health department of Tangerang Regency.

District Health Office Tangerang came with six representatives. Their visit aims to get to know Infokes and its products further.

Because previously the team from Infokes itself had visited the district health office. Tangerang to socialize the ePuskesmas application to the health office and eight puskesmas representatives.

So this is a reciprocal visit made by the district health office. Tangerang. What’s more, the agency has shown interest in the ePuskesmas application.

At the time of the visit, the District Health Office. Tangerang asked more about other applications owned by Infokes. In addition, there was also a discussion withVice President from partyBusiness Development Infokes, Mr. Ganjar Santosa regarding the performance process of the Infokes team regarding application service support.

Until the end of the visit, from the district health office. Tangerang On Friday, September 16 2022. They were officially witnessed by Infokes representatives, namelyVP Business Development andCEO Infokes Mr. Hanif Dinada agreed to signMemorandum of Understanding (MoU) at Infokes office, Cukang Kawung Bandung.

The MoU was signed for an agreement to use the ePuskesmas application in eight pioneer health centers which had been presented during the previous socialization in the district. Tangerang.

These eight puskesmas will be pioneers in the use of ePuskesmas whose performance will be seen, and hopefully in the future the ePuskesmas application can be applied to all 44 puskesmas in Tangerang Regency.


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